Our Company





Our studio has a variety of specialist tools and equipment which along with our skills and design knowledge enables us to work with a broad spectrum of materials; empowering us to make our clients visions a reality.

We constantly strive to achieve a reduced impact on our environment. We always use formaldehyde free FSC certified woods. We use water based paints where possible and we recycle as much of our studio waste as we possibly can.



Tom & Rowan

Our Team

Shape Studio is headed up by brothers Tom & Rowan Meacock. Shape Studio also employs a diverse range of people that bring a wide range of skills and knowledge to the projects we complete.


Tom Meacock

Along with numerous talents in design and drawing, Tom manages our team to ensure Shape Studios projects are delivered to the highest standard and to strict budgets.

After graduating in Architecture at Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design Tom has pursued a career in design and fabrication.

Tom brings to SHAPE an in-depth design knowledge. Along with skills in 3d modelling, CAD packages and visual design software.



Rowan has a broad and eclectic knowledge of materials and processes. Be it wood, resin, fibreglass or ferrous and non-ferrous metalwork, Rowan strives to master every material and process he encounters.

Rowan has a background in printmaking and since graduating in fine art at Byam Shaw School of Art he has worked in the theatre and marine industries. Working in these fields has ensured a deep knowledge of specialist finishes and effects as well as lifting, rope and rigging practises.

Within the studio Rowan applies his knowledge of processes with his unrelenting eye for aesthetics to make everything that Shape produces is both alluring yet innovative.



James is a traditionally trained carpenter. He is truly happy when in front of the saw or lathe with a pile of unworked wood on one side and an enormous cutting list on the other...

As well as James's deep knowledge of construction and carpentry Shape Studio also values his use of levels and scribing tools this enables us to install projects to the highest standard. 



James thomas

James  brings with him a determined enthusiasm that puts the perfect energy into all our projects.

In his spare time he is an accomplished photographer and he keeps this eye for detail and composition with him whenever he is working.

Whether it be cutting and grinding metal or operating the laser cutter like no other, James will keep going until the job is done!